Hi guys! I’m Jenn, a former network news social media producer with a terrible case of wanderlust (ugh, I know, I’m soooo original). I call Manhattan, New York home but because there are too many fascinating places in the world, I spend most of my time exploring. I live by the idea that you don’t have to travel far to experience the world and I hope Manhattan to Roam is a place where you can get a good laugh but also learn from my travel adventures and mistakes.

You can always find me doing the worm. Or by email at Jennifer.B.Abbey@gmail.com. Instagram comments/DMs work too – @jennabbeyy

Number of Countries I’ve Visited: 31
Still On My Bucket List (to name a few): Thailand, Tanzania, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica

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  1. notthedane56 says:

    I like “Abouts” from other Bloggers. Yours is both informative and colorful in your inviting photos. Thanks for giving my blog a read as well….

  2. So Cool that you decided to keep the “about” brief and fill it with your fav photos instead of a long story like mine.

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