Weekend Getaway to Skaneateles

If you think that New York State consists of just Manhattan and Westchester, you’re missing out on a lot of beautiful places!

Skaneateles is about a 4.5 hour drive from midtown Manhattan and is a perfect weekend getaway. The drive is almost entirely on highway/thruway so it’s a very easy drive. But it really isn’t pretty at all so if you’re looking for a drive with scenery, this isn’t the trip for you!

The quaint town sits on Skaneateles Lake about 25 miles from Syracuse.

Where We Stayed: HomeAway Rental

We rented a 3 bedroom home on HomeAway about a 5 minute drive from town. It had a great view overlooking the lake and had plenty of room for all of the girls in our party. The floor plan was very open which was great for decorations and bachelorette games! There was also lake access with a dock but we didn’t use it.


And how about this bath tub?! I mean goals, right?


Where We Ate:

Dinner: Bluewater Grill

We had a delicious sunset dinner at Bluewater Grill which sits right on Skaneateles Lake. They have a wide variety of meals on the menu which was great for a party of our size. We had a group of about eight and it was also extremely fast!

After dinner we walked out onto the pier just next to the restaurant for a great view of the sunset.

Bluewater Grill on the left


Can’t take me anywhere!

Lunch: Johnny Angel’s

The burgers at this place alone are worth the 4.5 hour drive from Manhattan. It’s nothing fancy but they have a HUGE menu! 

Thing To Do: Mirbeau Spa


The main stop for our trip was Mirbeau Spa which attracts many bachelorette parties. We each had deep tissue massages and the bride had a facial but there are many treatments to choose from. Not everyone loved their massage. You can read my sister’s hilarious recap here.

The spa is equipped with a clean, upscale locker room as well as a spa room where you can wait for your service. In the spa room you’ll find cushioned lounge chairs, cucumber water, cold towels for your face, a small pool to dip your toes in and a fireplace. Inside the spa room is supposed to be silent but with several bachelorette parties there that day, we found it to be quite busy in there. 

Just outside the spa room is a stone outdoor hot tub with a waterfall. You would never know you’re just on the other side of the parking lot! It was a great place to hang out where we could be a little louder than in the spa room. You can also order drinks from the bar and have them in the spa room or by the hot tub. We weren’t technically allowed to have our phones outside the locker room so I do not have any photos of the hot tub.

After our treatments, we had lunch at the restaurant at Mirbeau. We were told in the spa that we could wear our giant bath robes to lunch but we found that we were one of only two tables that did so! We felt a little uncomfortable at first as we expected everyone to be in robes. The service was extremely slow. Granted we were a group of about 16 but still! We had to beg them for rolls because we were so hungry. The food was meh. But I’m not sure I even tasted it in the end I was so hungry!


There is an outdoor porch at the restaurant.


I would recommend Skaneateles as a fall or spring weekend getaway from Manhattan. The summer is beautiful on the lake as well but if you’re heading there for Mirbeau, I think it’s a little too crowded with bachelorette and wedding parties during the summer months. And in the winter, they get WAY more snow than we Manhattanites are used to!

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  1. distancewide says:

    very nice report and pictures … inspiring 😊😊😊

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