Apps That Saved Me While Backpacking Europe

My phone pretty much saved me while we were traveling. I hate to admit that but really, I don’t know what the world did before cell phones! Thought I’d share a few apps that I found especially helpful:

RailPlanner – This is the app for the Eurail/Interrail pass. Although you can’t make reservations and there aren’t any prices on the app, you can easily search for train times. And it works off of wifi which is a HUGE bonus. Even if you don’t have a Eurail/Interrail, I recommend this app.

Heads Up – Yes, the Ellen DeGeneres game. Train rides are long. Ferry rides are long. This game is a really energetic, fun way to spark up a conversation with the people around you and pass the time quicker. It’s also an awesome drinking game.

Snapseed Postcard – Postcards can be expensive. Once you buy the card and the postage, it can be a little more than you had bargained for. This app lets you turn your OWN photos into postcards. The company prints them and ships them out for you. And they’re amazing quality and a great keepsake. You can put a caption on the front, type a message on the back and send just like a regular post card. The app is free but it is $1.99 per post card to the states and $3.98 internationally.

Skype – I know most people recommend Viber but I prefer Skype. It is 3 cents a minute to call any landline plus obviously free video. I believe you can also pay to get on their wifi from anywhere but I never actually used this option. When you have parents or grandparents who are sort of electronically challenged, Skype is a very easy and cost effective alternative to FaceTime or Viber.

Camera+ – My dirty little secret! I couldn’t decide if I was going to announce to the world that I filter ALL of my photos but I do. And Camera+ is the most amazing app ever. It costs $1.99 but I wouldn’t dare put up a photo on Instagram without putting it through Camera+ first. It is 100% worth the money.

Pocket – This app allows you to save articles from the Internet to read off of wifi later. While you are on wifi, you can email the article to your Pocket and then open it up later on a train, bus, plane to read. It’s a great, free way to get some entertainment for long travel days.

InstaSize – Allows you to put a full photo on Instagram, not just the part that fits into a square. Basically just puts a border on the photo.

Venmo – When traveling with a large group, this is an easy way to pay people back. You can transfer money directly to someone using your phone. Although, they do need to have a Venmo account as well. PayPal works, too!

Tinder – You know the one. It’s surprisingly a fun way to meet other travelers when you arrive in a new city. It’s not just locals on there but other backpackers as well. Hey, you never know. Maybe someone on Tinder is your new travel partner!

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