A Day Trip From Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher

In order to get a good price and thus save some Euros, Chelsea and I booked our last flight in Europe from Paris to Dublin about three months in advance.

We booked roundtrip flights from the U.S. to Dublin so we knew we had to get back there in order to get home.

While in London, we booked 35 Euro RyanAir flights from Paris to Dublin for August 26, just one day before we were to fly home. Since we spent two and a half days in Dublin when we first arrived, we didn’t think we needed more time there.

But then we saw photos of the Cliffs of Moher.

The pictures are absolutely jaw dropping. Many movies have been filmed there including the sixth Harry Potter film (Dumbledore and Harry stand there while looking for horcruxes).

So Chels and I took a look at our flights and decided to change them for just 77 Euros so we could have two full days in Dublin. Bus trips to the Cliffs and Galway run every day.

We booked our trip with Wild Rover Tours the day before for 40 Euros each. It was a 13 hour bus trip that would take us from Dublin to the Cliffs, a stop in the Burren and then a stop in Galway before heading back.

In retrospect, we really should have just flown into Galway, spent a night or two there and then taken a bus back to Dublin on the 26th in order to catch our flight.

Of our 13 hour bus tour, I think we spent eight of it actually on the bus.

Dublin and the Cliffs are on complete opposite sides of Ireland. It took us three hours just to drive to the Cliffs. And the bathroom on our tour bus was out of order. We did stop about 45 minutes into the trip for breakfast and a bathroom break but about an hour later, Chelsea had to go and she had to go bad! The tour operators ended up having to pull the bus over about an hour from the Cliffs so that Chelsea and another woman could go to the bathroom.

We did get two full hours at the Cliffs though. Unfortunately, it’s Ireland, so it rained most of the time we were there. But the rain did stop long enough for me to get a few photos of the Cliffs in the sun.



As always, the photos just do not do it justice. They are so incredibly beautiful and huge!

Then it was back on the bus for us. About 40 minutes later, we stopped in the Burren. It’s an area of Ireland on the west coast that is almost completely covered in rock. We only stopped there for about 20 minutes.





Then it was back on the bus to Galway. Chelsea and I spent so much time enjoying the views at the Cliffs that we never got lunch. By the time we reached Galway at 3:45 p.m., we were starving. Big mistake not to bring snacks or even a light lunch!

Galway is very small compared to Dublin. We only had about an hour and 45 minutes there so we grabbed some lunch and walked through the shops in town. And of course, I had to have gelato!

Back on the bus we went for two and a half hours back to Dublin. Our tour guide told us we would not be stopping no matter what because there was no place to actually stop. So we made sure to hit the bathroom before we got on!

Two Aussie girls did the tour much better than we did. They took the tour the day before ours and instead of taking the two and a half hour drive back to Dublin, they stayed the night in Galway and took the bus back the next day with us. I would have liked to do this instead so I could have seen a little more of Galway. I’ve heard great things about it from friends so I feel like I really didn’t see the true Galway only being there about an hour and a half.

I wish we had done a little more research before booking our flights. But we booked them in London which was so expensive I wanted to save as much money as we could. I thought we were smart by booking our flights early but it did sort of end up screwing us in the end. But Ireland is beautiful and it’s only a quick six hour flight away from New York so hey, I can easily go again!

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  1. Tour bus toilets are always out of order – I mean, who wants to clean that?

    1. Ha! Touché Rachel, touché! I know I wouldn’t.

      1. Although I was once on a bus where they ran out of seats for people and there was a moment of speculation about whether they would open up, you know, the ‘other’ seat. Imagine going around Ireland sitting on the throne!

      2. There was not!? I don’t believe you! I’d have to think really hard before I agreed to 13 hours on the “other” seat.

      3. It was when the gap year kids where in Ireland (they come in droves every February for a week). I won’t name the company 😛

  2. MaitoMike says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to visit the Cliffs. How was flying with Ryanair? I had a bad experience with them last summer (partly my fault for failing to read the fine print), but I figure if it was a small day trip it wouldn’t be so bad.

    1. Thanks Mike! I don’t mind RyanAir at all honestly. If you print your boarding pass, go to the check in desk and always check your bag, you’re in the clear. Vueling Airlines is the one you have to watch out for! The worst customer service.

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