The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wanderlusters Go to Santorini

I didn’t think Santorini could be more beautiful than Mykonos but it definitely was.

Every time we told a group of young people we were going to Santorini, they would tell us how it was not going to be fun. It is definitely honeymoon land. While Mykonos was filled with young partiers, Santorini was crawling with couples and the AARP crowd.

But that didn’t stop us from having a good time!

Our two friends from Semester at Sea, Meghan and Caitlin, came to join us to see Santorini and Italy.

We stayed in a four bed room at a budget hotel in Perissa which is fairly far away from everything in Santorini. Fira is the main town area and Oia is the expensive, honeymoon part. But we were close to the black sand beach! And the island is small enough that we could get to Fira in about 20 minutes by bus or ATV.


We spent the first night exploring Perissa after a dinner of gyros. So sad I had to leave those! I really love gyros and tzatziki.

The next day we laid on the beach and explored Fira and Oia. We watched the sunset in Oia which was absolutely beautiful.






I feel lied to about those blue roofs in Santorini! You see them in all the photos and I assumed every building would have a blue roof but only a few did. Most buildings did have blue trim but I was expecting more!


There was a ton of Tiffany blue though which I loved!


We spent three nights in Santorini which I felt was enough. Our last full day we rented ATVs in the morning to head up to Fira to look around more. There are so many beautiful restaurants overlooking the ocean. I desperately want to come back when I’m married and have more money to splurge!


I had heard from several friends that we had to do a sunset cruise so to celebrate Chelsea’s birthday, I paid for us to do a sunset cruise on a 40 person catamaran. It had unlimited wine and ouzo, a Greek liquor that tastes like black licorice, and a full barbecue dinner.

We were picked up at our hotel and taken to the boat launch up in Oia. As we were standing waiting for the catamaran, we looked around and saw all couples and older people.

“Well, guess we’re going to have to make our own fun,” we said to each other.

It ended up being a blast! We met four other young girls from Kentucky who were really fun. There was a young couple from Houston and a couple from the UK who we hung out with.

The boat took us to hot springs first which unfortunately I couldn’t go in because I was wearing a white bathing suit and the captain said it would stain it yellow. So we just jumped off the boat and swam around for awhile.


They took us to two more spots for snorkeling while they cooked dinner. I dropped my sunglasses after jumping in with them on. I was devastated. Those were my third pair of sunglasses on this trip. They were only like $8 but still! I really didn’t want to buy another pair. Chelsea and I snorkeled around trying to find them. The man from the Houston couple said if we could find them he’d get them. I screamed bloody murder when I saw them underwater I was so excited. Despite Chelsea’s clogged ears, she dove the 10 meters to retrieve them. Houston man was sad he didn’t get to play hero but I was ecstatic that I had them back!


As the sun started to set, more wine was poured. We met a couple celebrating the man’s 60th birthday the same day as Chelsea. He desperately wanted to be 23 and was a ton of fun to hang out with.


The honeymoon, AARP cruise ended up being so much fun! We made plans with our Kentucky girls to meet up in two hours to go out but we got back to the hotel and completely crashed. We had to get up at 7 a.m. to head to Italy so we ended up skipping the night out.

I really loved how beautiful Santorini was. While my experience wasn’t exactly Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I got a taste of the good life that I can hopefully one day live when I go back!

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