A Few Shots From Mykonos, Greece

Ahh the lovely island of Mykonos. Even though we didn’t have any luggage for most of our five night stay on the Greek island, we still loved every second of it.

It has a small, beach town feel with those beautiful white and blue buildings.

Many have told us that we would hate Mykonos because Greece is dangerous and the people are mean. But we’ve found every Greek we’ve met has been unbelievably kind and helpful in our lost luggage debacle. Our horseback riding instructor took us to a store to buy some clothing and even waited for us while we shopped so he could take us back to his hotel. I met a girl from Mykonos in a bar in town and told her I loved her bracelet and she just gave it to me!

Mykonos is definitely giving Hvar a run for its money.

The small streets of Mykonos Town:


The view from dinner in the New Port of Mykonos:


Little Venice:


The view from the terrace of our hotel, Lefteris Hotel:


A perfect Mykonos sunset – the sun is huge here. I don’t know what it is but it’s ginormous and round with beautiful pink, orange and yellow hues:


The famous windmills:


A dip at Panoramos Beach:


Horseback riding at Fokos Beach:


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