From Pinterest to Plitvice Lakes

I wanted to come to Croatia for two reasons.

1. I had a secret plan to convince Chelsea to do Yacht Week. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s about 50 yachts all sailing together stopping at various islands and basically partying for a week straight. At least that’s what it looks like online. I love boats and beaches so it seemed like my scene. Nevertheless, I wasn’t able to convince her.

2. I saw a photo on Pinterest.

OK, I know, stupid American girl. Going to a country just because of Pinterest. But just keep reading.

I had seen a photo of the Plitvice Lakes, which are about two hours from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

It looked like the most beautiful place in the world and didn’t look real in the photos.

Usually when I see things on Pinterest, they are never as good as they seem. The fancy recipes never come out the same and the hairstyles are always too difficult to master.

Plitvice Lakes lived up to its Pinterest photos.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t look real in real life either. The water is the most amazing hue of turquoise I’ve ever seen. There are countless waterfalls splashing over each other and it is the most peaceful place we have been so far.

Take a look.





There is a science behind why the waterfalls look the way they do. Instead of trying to explain, I’ll send you here for more. I was never very good at science 😉

The only downside to the lakes is the massive amount of people. We arrived around 11:30 a.m. and the paths were filled with other tourists. You kept having to stop and try to duck around people to get a photo. It felt a little like Disney World. And we heard that it’s even worse at the end of the summer. We took a boat across one of the lakes and were able to get right on. But our driver said in late July and August, you can wait an hour just for the boat.

If you come to Croatia and go to the lakes – which you MUST – make sure to go to Plitvice early! Get there at 9 a.m. and I think you could have the entire park to yourself. And of course, go in the off season.

This blog entry should really be called “Jenn, Chelsea and a 70-Year-Old Chinese Man Go to Plitvice Lakes.”

Just after 9 a.m. we boarded a van to the lakes. There were two couples, another guy from our hostel and Jeff, a 70-year-old Chinese man who has retired to the U.K.

Jeff was the sweetest little man. He has been retired for nine years but loves to travel so he tries to as much as he possible. He latched onto us for the day and we walked all over the park with him. He was in amazing shape! He was keeping up with us, climbing up countless steps and walking over probably five miles with us.

He gave us great recommendations for our next stop, the islands of Croatia. He also desperately wanted to take us to dinner but by the time we got back to our hostel at 6 p.m., Chelsea and I were so tired we could barely form words. We felt terrible leaving Jeff to eat on his own but we knew we wouldn’t be very good dinner guests anyway.

We are in Zagreb for two more nights before heading down to the beaches of Croatia and Hvar Island. Croatia, I think you may end up being my favorite.

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  1. Peter Kersich says:

    As usual… Just stunning pics!!

  2. Peter Kersich says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

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