Exploring Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is the most adorable little ski town.

It’s about 30 minutes up the Alps from Interlaken and is literally one strip. A few ski shops, several hotels, an ice cream shop, one bar and one cafe and that’s about it.


We headed to Lauterbrunnen for three nights after two nights in Interlaken. We planned to hike all day every day and enjoy the fresh, crisp Alp air. The town is surrounded by 72 giant waterfalls so we also loved the great outdoor views.

Our hostel was beautiful. It sort of felt like camp and didn’t have any lock boxes for our stuff which is a major downside but the view was amazing. We had a little balcony off our six bed, mixed dorm that we loved sitting out on, drinking wine or just hanging out.


We spent our first day checking out some of the waterfalls.

First Stop: Staubbach Falls
By far the most famous because it is, I believe, the largest. We did a short 10 minute hike up to about halfway (the furthest you can go) to the point where we were almost under the falls. It was an easy hike with great views.



Second Stop: Check Out the BASE Jumpers
BASE jumping is huge in Lauterbrunnen. One of the chefs at the ice cream shop in town asked us to go hiking with him and his friend and watch them jump but we didn’t wake up in time so we weren’t able to see him. But we did see someone floating to the ground after their jump. Several people have died in the area from BASE jumping.

Third Stop: Trummelbach Falls
These waterfalls are inside of the mountain. They had the bluest water I’ve ever seen. It was crisp, glacier water and absolutely beautiful and so powerful.




Fourth Stop: Coop
This is a grocery store. Switzerland is incredibly expensive. The cheapest meal you can get at a restaurant is probably $12 for lunch. We were told that minimum wage in Switzerland is $28 an hour so in reality, it’s not that expensive for the Swiss. Valley Hostel is the first place we’ve been with a full kitchen so we bought tons of groceries and ate all of our meals there. It really helps save money. I spent about $20 on more than enough food for every breakfast, lunch and dinner for our three nights. We also found bottles of wine for about $4.50 so that was a real plus!

Fifth Stop: Wengen
Wengen is a small farming village higher up the Alps about halfway between Lauterbrunnen and Jungfrau, the tallest point in Europe. Unfortunately due to the rain, we didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as we wanted. The cable car to the top was closed and it was completely fogged over. But at least we can say we went there! And the sun tried to peak out for a second – enough time to take some photos.



Chelsea had a minor breakdown in Wengen. She met a cat on the train tracks that she fell absolutely in love with. It had a small bed all the way at the end of the tracks (where the trains would NEVER actually reach) and she was convinced it was going to get hit.



Turned into this:


We were exhausted. A tiny bit drunk. And the weather was really getting to us. I tried not to laugh but look at that face!!

The rest of our time in Lauterbrunnen, it rained nonstop. And not just rain. Torrential downpours, lightning and hail.



Although Switzerland was insanely expensive, we were so happy to get out of cities and really enjoyed our time there. It was so nice to be in small towns, with clean, fresh air, where we didn’t get lost every five seconds. The Swiss were all incredibly nice, too. Everyone invited us into their home or on an excursion with them and really tried to talk to us. Even with the rain, we sat out on our balcony just enjoying the freedom of being outside a city. if it wasn’t so expensive, I think we would have stayed longer.

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