The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Innsbruck, Austria

During our pub crawl in Prague, we met these crazy drunk Aussie girls who told us about Innsbruck, Austria at the base of the Austrian Alps.

They told us they took a cable car to a toboggan and paragliding and hiking so we wanted to check it out.

Innsbruck is two hours outside of Munich. Less if you can catch an express.

How do we entertain ourselves on these long train rides? By taking selfies in our all black, ninja-esque outfits of course.


It seems like a pretty upscale town, almost like an Aspen of the Alps. The stores were all very high end and everyone seemed to be dressed very well. We didn’t exactly fit in in our leggings and sneakers.

We tried doing some research beforehand of what companies to use or where to go to do the things the crazy Aussies had told us but we decided to just figure it out when we got there. There’d be some sort of tourist information desk in the train station, right?

Well, of course, we couldn’t find it. So we headed for the nearest hotel instead to see if we could find some pamphlets of the things you could do around Innsbruck.

An hour later, we were still at the hotel?


No, not because we were looking at pamphlets. But because a group of probably 60 or 70 year old Spanish men began talking to us about our trip.

Two of them had decent English while one knew zero. Chelsea was pretty impressive whipping out some Spanish phrases and while they told her she was a little slow, she was very good. They even gave us their number so they can show us around when we’re in Spain!

The man who couldn’t speak English told us (well, it was translated through his friend) that Spanish is the second most popular language in the world and we need to learn to be fluent in it. He said that people who speak Spanish feel Americans should learn Spanish but since we don’t, they are forced to learn English.

It was very interesting talking with them and dusting off our Spanish. We’re totally screwed for Spain. Screwdo?

Kidding!!! Obviously.

After pulling Chelsea away, we walked down the street in search of some sort of information about what to do. We found a mall with wifi and started looking up some places. I finally found a tourist information booth and they told us about a toboggan run about 20 minutes away by bus. But the photos in the pamphlet for the run had all little kids in it and we thought it looked sort of lame.

We continued Googling other toboggan runs but couldn’t guarantee any were open this early in the summer so we decided to head to the lame looking one.

We took a cable car about halfway up the Alps to a little restaurant with lots of hiking trails around it.

Yay, more hiking.

Also – there were some cows hanging out at the top of this cable car. It was the strangest thing. People were like walking with them and petting them. It was odd. I was all like “Come on Chelsea let’s go in with them!” and she was all like “I don’t know Jenn…that one has horns.”

Then we get in the pasture and who is too afraid to get close to the cows? This girl!!


Who’s up close and personal petting them and batting the flies away? You guessed it. Wisconsin.


I wasn’t going to let her win so I had to get closer. OK, just a little closer. Stay away cow!!


After the cow photo shoot, we started on our hike. While it was on a clear path, it was mostly uphill. Again, I was lagging behind. But I always get the best photos that way!!


And of course a good jumping pic!


The hike was 45 minutes each way. By the time we got back, it was time to toboggan! On the cable car ride, we saw people riding it down and it looked like they were going so slow. We really thought it was going to be so stupid but we had to get down somehow.


It ended up being incredibly fun and pretty scary! It felt like a ghetto circus ride. I was sure that if I shifted my weight one way, the entire thing would flip over and I’d be dead. I was definitely not strapped in enough.

You could make it go faster or slower and it went back and forth through the trees down the mountain. It was more like a roller coaster with big drops and sharp turns. Also, the end of it crosses another cow field. If a cow walked by at just the wrong moment, I would have taken its head off.

If I ever get on a good computer or with some decent wifi, I’ll upload the video from the toboggan run. It was hilarious. I’m screaming and yelling at Chelsea to go faster so I don’t hit her.

When we got down, we couldn’t believe we thought it was going to be lame. We wanted to go back down so bad but a. We couldn’t afford another 8 Euros and b. We needed to get back to Munich to do some laundry because man do we stink.

It was another action packed day for Jenn and Chelsea where everything that could go wrong went wrong but it turned out well in the end. I’m really not looking forward to Chelsea dragging me all over mountains being outdoorsy in Switzerland but maybe I’ll just sneak off to the bar (or spa!) instead.

Off to Interlaken tomorrow!

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