Inside the Ice Caves in Werfen, Austria

By the time we got to Munich, we were officially ready to ditch cities and do something a little different.

Some girls in our hostel in Prague told us about the Eisreisenwelt Ice Caves in Werfen, Austria on the Bavarian Alps about two hours outside of Munich so we decided to check them out.

The ride from Munich to Werfen was absolutely gorgeous. The mountains were literally breathtaking.


Once we arrived in Werfen, we hoped on a bus to the base of the ice caves. From there, it would be a 20 minute hike to a cable car, 5 minute ride and 20 minute hike after up to the mouth of the cave.

Coming from Wisconsin, Chelsea is a nature girl. I am not. Whatsoever. My version of hiking is taking the stairs two levels up from the 4/5 train in Manhattan.

So I lagged behind a little. But hey, at least we got some awesome photos!!


I’m also not the best with heights so the cable car wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. It was crammed with people and it felt like if one person shifted their weight the whole thing would go flying.

On our second hike up to the ice caves, we met two really nice Aussies. The jury is still out on whether they were a couple, friends or siblings. Either way, they, just like all the other Aussies we’ve met, were incredibly sweet.

The view from the mouth of the ice cave was 100% worth the burn I felt in my legs and lungs.


The tour took about an hour. It was below freezing inside and completely pitch black except for our lanterns (one for every two people). You weren’t allowed to take photos but of course, Chelsea and I snuck a couple.



The cave is 42 km long but ice only covers a small part of it (I think only 1 km but that could be wrong!). At the highest point we could reach, we were at 1,175 km high which I believe is 3,525 ft from sea level if I’ve done my math right.

Only one of our Aussie friends were able to make it into the ice cave because they were in shorts and t-shirts and you really needed long pants, layers and a jacket. The guide gave the male Aussie, Tom, a big jacket so he was able to go in without being too cold. Chels and I offered to give the girl one of our jackets (we had on lots of layers!) but in her tiny shorts she said she’d be too cold even with a coat.

The tour was amazing and so unbelievable to see. There were really steep stairs inside which again made me a little nervous (it’s the heights thing).

By the end of it, I was pretty ready to leave the cave because I was so cold. I kept burning my hand on the lantern trying to warm them up. I definitely needed warmer clothes. I don’t know how Tom did the entire tour in shorts!

We’re definitely looking to do more day trips outside of the cities. We loved the sights and getting a little but of exercise, even it was pretty difficult!

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