Staying in a 26 Bed, All Female Dorm in Prague

Before booking our hostel for our three nights in Prague, I asked my friend Kelsey, who studied abroad there, for some suggestions. She mentioned a popular hostel near where she lived so we checked it out on where we book all of our accomodations.

We were pleasantly surprised to find it was very cheap. Most of the cities we’ve been to so far have been aggresively expensive! So we were happy to find a place that was only 10 Euro ($13) a night.

The catch though is that the 10 Euro, and cheapest room, was a 26 bed, all female dorm.

Looking over our options, Chels and I glanced at each other and said, “Hey, we’re here for the experiences, right?”

So we booked two beds in the 26 bed dorm!

I was not looking forward to it. That is an insane number of beds. That is a brothel. That is a sorority house. That is not something that Jenn Abbey does.

When we arrived at Mosaic House, the lobby and bar area were very clean and upscale. We were very pleased with the looks of it. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

Then we were given our room keys and directions to the dorm, which was in the basement and the walk down the stairs was pitch black. OK, this is a little weird.

The room wasn’t what I expected at all. I expected seven sets of bunk beds lined up on each side of the room. But instead, the room was set up with basically little cubbies with two sets of bunk beds in each. There were large dividers between each set of bunk beds so it felt very private. Each bunk had a reading light, plug and a trunk to lock your backpack in.

There wasn’t much light in the room so the photos (from my iPhone 5) aren’t very good.



The only thing that bugged us at first was that I was on one side of the room on a top bunk while Chels was on the other side of the room on a bottom. So far, we’ve always had a top and bottom bunk together in each hostel. We were a little annoyed that we weren’t together but at least we were in the same room!

My cubby area was very small and I had two incredibly loud, London girls in it. They sounded like the Spice Girls and their stuff was literally everywhere. I could barely get to my trunk to put my stuff away because all of their crap was strewn all over the floor.

Great. This is going to be a long three days.

The room had a bathroom attached with three toilets, three sinks and three showers. Not exactly a lot for 26 girls. But surprisingly I only had to wait a few times.



I expected a lot of drama in the room. Girls fighting for mirror space or accusing each other of stealing but there wasn’t any of that at all.

There was a small group of about eight of us who all seemed to get along, sharing travel stories and tips from our personal journeys. While we didn’t make as great of friends as we did in London, it was still fun to be in the room.

My first night in the dorm wasn’t that great. The two girls from London snored louder than anyone I’ve ever met. They sounded like Mack trucks. I almost punched the one across from me. I’m a very light sleeper and she needd to do less.

But the second night was much better. Chelsea and I didn’t go out so we were in bed by about one a.m. while the rest of the girls in our room were out.

For the most part, everyone was very considerate of each other. Girls were quiet (except for the London girls who were only here for a night, thank God!) when they came back from the bars and in the mornings.

A lot of the girls were quite messy but (other than those damn London girls!) not to an annoying extent.



But the one thing that drove every one of the 26 girls crazy was the disgusting cigarette smoke smell. We had a small terrace off the dorm and the maids would go out there several times a day for a smoke break. And they would leave the door open to our room! It smelled like an ashtray in there. Not sure Chelsea slept much because it was so awful. She ended up moving to a bed close to a window where she could get a little bit of fresh air during the night but it wasn’t much better. This reason alone, I would not recommend it to anyone else.

It was definitely an experience. While I’m not sure that Chelsea and I will choose a room with that many beds again along this trip, we had a lot of fun and were happy to try it. It wasn’t at all as bad as I expected. My mom offered to pay for a hotel if it was awful and we didn’t need to!

26 bed, all female dorm. Check!

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