RIP (Yes, We’re Both Still Alive)

We’ve lost an embarrassing amount of stuff on this trip. And we’re only 12 days in.

We’ve been taking a lot of early trains and flights so we’ve often been packing in the dark at our hostels. We’re also both incredibly last minute, as you’ve all learned, as well as a little forgetful.

We’ve decided to keep a running tab of what we lose along the way.

Water bottle

Capri pants
2 converters

So far we still have the important stuff including our passports, credit cards, Eurail passes and dignity. But that could all change 😉

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  1. I lost my most favourite and comfortable pair of shorts because of packing in the dark! So annoying! Also, 2 padlocks, sun cream and waterproof jacket. Just turn the lights on from now on perhaps!

    1. Glad we’re not the only ones! We try to be good hostel roommates but we may have to just start turning the lights on.

  2. Tiffany Hicks says: don’t think I’m a creeper or anything, but I just started scrolling through #backpacking on Twitter and I came across your blog. And I love it. I went backpacking with my bff in 2007 for a month, and I just started planning my 2 month solo trip for next summer..and all these places you have went/are going are places on my list to hit and I’m getting fantastic input from this!!
    Readers Digest version: you are doing great..and all these mishaps are going to be killer stories later. Thanks for all the planning advice for my next trip!

    1. That’s awesome Tiffany! So glad someone is reading this other than my family and friends. We just arrived in Prague and I’ll definitely keep blogging every mishap and triumph along the way so stay tuned!

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