Getting Outside of Dublin

Getting outside the city in Dublin has been our favorite activity so far.

A friend who studied abroad in Dublin suggested taking a 25 minute train out to Howth, a smaller fishing town.


It’s been the best suggestion we’ve received so far. (Thanks Janeen!)

We walked along the pier, taking photos of the sailboats and lighthouse and admiring the greenery.


We walked up to toward the top of the rocks (on the far left above) and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I think Chels may move there! She loved it. A little too small town for this girl though.


Due to our low budget, we hadn’t eaten all day except for a banana so we splurged on a seafood dinner of scallops and salmon at a spot called The Brass Monkey. It was well worth the 17 Euros! (Random aside – this feels a little like fat camp. We’re doing a lot of walking and not a lot of eating…we really need to figure out how to budget better!)

We’re learning a lot along this trip and the first thing we learned in Howth was that Irish kids, not just teens, kids, like to party.

At the Dublin train station, an officer told us to be careful on the train because there was a big event happening near Howth and the train would be crowded. He suggested we put our purses under our coats and zip them up.

Being pickpocketed is my worst nightmare here so we were prepared to guard our bags. But we were very wrong about what we were walking into.

There was some sort of music festival going on but we couldn’t really figure out where it was. There were kids that looked about 10 to 16 running around in neon bikini tops and tiny booty shorts drunk (or possibly high) out of their minds. They were in no shape to pickpocket us.

Kids were screaming down the street, falling on the ground and being taken away in ambulances. It reminded us a little of Chicago’s Lollapalooza but on steroids, and younger kids.

The train was filled with police and every time a large group of youngins got on, they went right over to them to check their bags for alcohol and made them throw out open containers. The police were very entertained by the whole thing.

The drunk kids were an added entertainment to the otherwise perfect day. Getting outside of cities is definitely worth the train fare and travel time. A lot of European cities look very similar but these little towns all have their own unique character. We’ll definitely be looking for more small towns in other spots. Suggestions welcome!

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