An Interesting Twist

Well, Chelsea is on her way to Dublin.

But I am still sitting on my parent’s couch.
We’re having an interesting start to our adventure. As I was running around making last minute purchases and trying to stuff three months of my life into a backpack, my flight to Philadelphia was being delayed two hours.
Delays happen, I thought. My flight to Philly will be delayed and most likely so will the flight to Dublin so no worries. I’ll just get there a little bit later on Thursday.
Off I went, excited to finally meet up with Chelsea in Dublin so we could begin our adventure!
When I got to the airport, US Air informed me that I would not make my connection in Philly and there were no hotels open in the area so I should just stay in Rochester.
Ok, not that bad, right? One more night comfortable at home in my own bed and leave first thing in the morning.
There is only one flight to Dublin from Philly a day so I would have to wait until Thursday night to fly to Dublin, missing an entire day in the city. Keep in mind we’re only there for three nights and we leave Dublin at 8am on Sunday!
I begged for any other way to get there. Fly me to D.C., NYC, Toronto, heck, Chicago! But no dice. I was told my only option was waiting until Thursday. So I will be spending seven hours in the Philly airport so that I have more than enough time to make my connection (fingers crossed!). Also, US Air didn’t even give me any sort of compensation for the inconvenience! Annoying.
So while Chelsea is stretching out on her flight to Dublin, I am stretching out on the couch watching a few more episodes of Catfish (guilty pleasure…I’d be so good at catching these people!).
I’ll get there eventually. Let’s just hope that this is the last of the troubles and not a precedent for the rest of the trip!

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